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Saturday, December 19, 2009

Me vs The Sun

Me vs The Sun

It was going on midnight
and I was her superstar
daily orbiting in and out of her life.

She divided the hours of her existence
between sun and I.

She refused to chose between
the beauty of my nights
and the brightness his days
So she traveled light years
back and forth
between our galaxies.

The sun and I
questioned to see
who’s gravitational pull was stronger.

She told me that was
that he was her motivation,
and that I was her comfort
and she slept more at ease when I was around.

Only I
could offer her flickers of candle-lights
and the lullabies of moonlighting insects.

Only he
could offered her
the warmth of rainbows.

She argued
that I left her in the dark
with only star-like flickers of guidance.
Often I was
a mystery to her
when everything in him was clear and obvious.

I reminded her
not to have worries of me
because I have been with her
since the beginning of time.
Even before the 1st hint of his light.

I reminded her
not to have worries of me
because I will be there until the end of time
and that
I could bring her easy relaxations
after the conclusion of her day.

She became confused
he made her body hot,
and that I kept her cool.
he made her sweat,
and my touch was soothed.

With us both, her life was balanced.
Without either, her life is bruised.
She refused
to make a choice between
her midnight vs. her noon

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