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Book Covers

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Giving Back

Since the weekend I've signed and personalized over 3 dozens books. Each one reading something difference. I try to make the signature reflect my friendship with the person purchasing the book. It's my way of showing appreciation for that person purchasing my book and reading what my heart has to say. I try to do my share of giving back. 2 weeks ago I helped a young lady who was stranded at agas station change her tire She was heading to NY from GA and had been waiting 2hours for someone to help. Last weekend I stopped to help a lady who was stuck in the snow. Today, I volunteered at the Salvation Army. I was loading cars with gifts and bikes that were donated. It touched my heart to see one lady in tears because she was thankful for the blessings she received. She said times have been sooo hard for her lately. I sincerely hope everyone appreciates what they have in their life. Situations can always be so much worse.

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