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Saturday, March 27, 2010

Party with a Purpose

Tonight I am hosting a charity event. Party with a Purpose at at a local nightspot in Asheville, NC called Paparrazi. The proceeds earned from this event will go towards the purchase of computers. The better the support and turnout, the more computers can be purchased. The computers will be awarded to deserving kids in the Asheville area. In April I will hold a contest for kids 18 and under to enter. This contest will be a writing contest that will focus on how they plan of helping their community. Wish me luck. The kids need to see that folks out their care. Power to the people has never been so true.

ps. Tonight is already starting off interesting cause people are wanting to get in free. IT'S A CHARITY EVENT!!! The proceeds are needed to help the cause

Thursday, March 18, 2010


I don't have anything to say about this. It speaks volumes itself.

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

I think I'm onto something. I can touch all corners and cater to the people. As long as I stay true, folks will stay true with me (aleast I hope they do). I've come to the conclusion that throwing parties will generate the capital needed to fund the work I would like to do for the community back home in Asheville. The flyer you see above is for my Friday March 12th event. It's ultimate focus is to accept donations and purchase clothes and food for the homeless. I do feel a certain obligation to support and reach out to the homeless. My uncle choses to live on the street. He says he's "free" there. I understand the dream of living free but he imprisons himself by his thirst for alcohol. I can't understand how a man lets a substance control every aspect of his life. My mom tells me its a disease and seems to understand better than I do. Still, drug and alcohol abuse is something I can't logically understand as being a determinant that regulates my direction. Nevertheless, I love my uncle with everything in me. Often it hurts and other times everything is alright. With this being said I would like to dedicate my event to Uncle Bert who has been like a father figure to me my whole life. I pray he changes one day before its too late