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Monday, December 28, 2009

Born Again Every Morning

Every day is brand new to me. A brand new opportunity to try at life all over again. Another chance to make my impression on the world. This state of mind came last August. I hit my 10th year anniversary of having my Locs. Miya started them August 1998 and I ended them August 2008. No longer could I be identified as "the guy with the long locs". I'm gonna give them something else to remember me by. It was the rebirth. The re-definition. A more universal Damion "DaDa" Bailey. I emerged feeling free, connected, diverse....but still incomplete. There is still things left to be done. Roads need to be paved. New foundations need to be set. Everyday presents another opportunity to explore the world. I am grateful for this blessing and the people that have entered into my life.

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Smoke-filled Skies

Smoke-filled Skies

Demons fly
through smoke-filled skies.
Smoke from guns shots
will close those eyes.
Shots make lungs stop.
so hold those cries.
Knees lock then drop.
No good-byes.
Numb this hearts
and wipe that smile.
Smiles then flip flop
and dropped to frowns.
Emotions hit tip top.
after tears hit ground.
Flesh and dust will swap.
when box goes down.
Angels don’t fly
through smoke-filled skies.
Best friends seeks revenge
with fire in eyes.
Don’t tell cops nothing
hide inside lies.
Life change, gets strange
seeing friends die.
Mother still hurts tomorrow.
Brother not found.
He finds liquor bottle
and royals that crown.
Pours out then swallows.
Sorrows get drowned.
Pain remains and follows.
It’s always around.
Mother sees her son
looking at his baby sons face.
But he’s faced with a maybe
that his innocence may waste.
Baby’s mom, single lady
searching for a trace,
of hope when nights are rainy
desperate for a sunny break.

Giving Back

Since the weekend I've signed and personalized over 3 dozens books. Each one reading something difference. I try to make the signature reflect my friendship with the person purchasing the book. It's my way of showing appreciation for that person purchasing my book and reading what my heart has to say. I try to do my share of giving back. 2 weeks ago I helped a young lady who was stranded at agas station change her tire She was heading to NY from GA and had been waiting 2hours for someone to help. Last weekend I stopped to help a lady who was stuck in the snow. Today, I volunteered at the Salvation Army. I was loading cars with gifts and bikes that were donated. It touched my heart to see one lady in tears because she was thankful for the blessings she received. She said times have been sooo hard for her lately. I sincerely hope everyone appreciates what they have in their life. Situations can always be so much worse.

Sunday, December 20, 2009

Birthday today. Started off by going to church with mom. They threw in a Christmas program at the end and sent around the collection plate AGAIN. I had to spend my snack money, but it's cool. Now mom, wife, sis, kids, brother (except for Miya) is here cooking and eating good. I didn't want anything but my fam and some bedroom slipping and i got that. Also have some Moscato to sip on. I got many many happy birthday shout-outs on FB and twitter. Today is a good day

Saturday, December 19, 2009

Me vs The Sun

Me vs The Sun

It was going on midnight
and I was her superstar
daily orbiting in and out of her life.

She divided the hours of her existence
between sun and I.

She refused to chose between
the beauty of my nights
and the brightness his days
So she traveled light years
back and forth
between our galaxies.

The sun and I
questioned to see
who’s gravitational pull was stronger.

She told me that was
that he was her motivation,
and that I was her comfort
and she slept more at ease when I was around.

Only I
could offer her flickers of candle-lights
and the lullabies of moonlighting insects.

Only he
could offered her
the warmth of rainbows.

She argued
that I left her in the dark
with only star-like flickers of guidance.
Often I was
a mystery to her
when everything in him was clear and obvious.

I reminded her
not to have worries of me
because I have been with her
since the beginning of time.
Even before the 1st hint of his light.

I reminded her
not to have worries of me
because I will be there until the end of time
and that
I could bring her easy relaxations
after the conclusion of her day.

She became confused
he made her body hot,
and that I kept her cool.
he made her sweat,
and my touch was soothed.

With us both, her life was balanced.
Without either, her life is bruised.
She refused
to make a choice between
her midnight vs. her noon

Everything Happends for a Reason

Just got home. Happy my big brother Miya put me on to blogging. It's a nice change of atmosphere from yesterday. I was kicking off my book release/ birthday celebration in Asheville, NC but the snow prevented it and sent me driving back to Charlotte at 35-40mph. My feelings were hurt, but all my friends and people supporting me reminded me that everything happens for a reason. The good thing is I already have some great ideas that I want to incorporate for my new Jan.23rd date. Maybe have a drink special and call it "The Poet Surprise" or something. LoL. I think it's going to be a grand event for me & my partner Timmy Smith ( and for Asheville. Well, for the remainder of the day I'm going to sip this wine and watch these movies the bootleg guy sold me in the grocery store parking lot. Don't know which to put in the dvd first: Blindside, 2012, or New Moon. I guess I'll let me sons chose. Tomorrow...i relax while my mom and family comes over to spend time with me on my birthday. Yayyyyyy