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Monday, December 28, 2009

Born Again Every Morning

Every day is brand new to me. A brand new opportunity to try at life all over again. Another chance to make my impression on the world. This state of mind came last August. I hit my 10th year anniversary of having my Locs. Miya started them August 1998 and I ended them August 2008. No longer could I be identified as "the guy with the long locs". I'm gonna give them something else to remember me by. It was the rebirth. The re-definition. A more universal Damion "DaDa" Bailey. I emerged feeling free, connected, diverse....but still incomplete. There is still things left to be done. Roads need to be paved. New foundations need to be set. Everyday presents another opportunity to explore the world. I am grateful for this blessing and the people that have entered into my life.

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  1. It takes a lot of courage to let go of that hair that was there to protect you and your thoughts doesnt it?, Ive done that going from down to my elbows to a chopped buzzed-on-the-back-"H.Berry" cut before. Now you get to experience it all with that "virgin" hair coming in, free of all your locks saw,touched and experienced. To me thats the best part of growing it out again.