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Monday, May 26, 2014

How I Started Couponing

1) Buy a 3 ring binder and plastic sheets designed to hold trading cards. 2) Buy coupon inserts. I never buy Sundays paper. I go to a website that sell the insert only and I purchase 15 each week. Ex: 3) Follow other couponers on FB, Instagram, or a website for guidance and tips. Join a site that will provide guidance and tips. Ex: couponmom & moola savings mom. (my sister is my coupon buddy) 4) Plan your trip. Find out who had the sales and match that sale with your coupons to maximize savings. (Learn each stores coupon policy). *There's more to this. You can email me at and I will answer detailed questions.

Sunday, May 25, 2014

Late night Run - May 25th

BiLo has Dixie plates $3.29 BOGO. My .55¢ coupon doubled and made them .65¢ each (I have 10 packs). Harris Teeter has Chicken Hot Dogs for .97¢ and my .55¢ coupon made them .42¢ each (I bought 20 packs). Magnum Ice Cream is $6.28 each but it's on sale for $3. My coupon took $3 off of 3 and I got 6. The store also takes off $5 if you buy $15 worth. I got 6 for $1.16 each. Quaker Granola bars are on sale for $2 and my $1 off coupon makes them $1 (I have 9). Barillo whole grain noodles are on sale $1.38 and my .55¢ coupon doubles to make them .28¢ each. My total was $126 and I paid $34 tonight.

Tuesday, May 20, 2014

BiLo & Harris Teeter Deal - $153 down to $18

BiLo has a sale on single rolls of Sparkle paper towels for $1.00. The .50¢ coupon doubles and makes this item FREE (i have 15). Barilla Spaghetti Pasta was on sale 2/$1.67 and the .55¢/2 coupons double to make this item .27¢ each (I have 30). Harris Teeter has Maruchan Japanese noodles on sale 2/$1.19 and my $1/2 coupon makes them .09¢ each (I have 50). Buy 2 Bertolli pasta sauces ($3 each) and you get 3 free. I used 3 coupons that doubled .75¢ for a $4.50 discount and making the 5 sauces .10¢ each. (I got 20 over the past few days). Yellow rice is .99¢ and my .75¢/2 coupon doubled and made each pack of rice .25¢ (I have about 50 packs over the past month). Today my total was $153 and I only paid $18

Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Harris Teeter - April 23rd

Harris Teeter is having Super Double week starts today. A any coupon that is $2 or under will double in savings. I used all coupons that double up to $4 and matched them with sale items. All 20 items below are FREE. The shampoos: Vidal Sassoon, Loreal, Infusion, & Vidal Sassoon styling products. Benadryl Itch Cream, 6pk of Joint Juice and these fruit cups are all FREE

Thursday, April 10, 2014

Morning run to BiLo and Dollar General

I ran into BiLo and my favorite Balance protein bars were $1.49. My .55¢ cent coupon doubled to $1.10 and I paid .39¢. I also found Crystal Light was on sale and my .50¢ off coupon doubled to $1. At $4.18 each, this item was $2.09 after the BOGO. I paid $1.09 each. Dollar General had Poligrip for under $2 and the coupon makes it FREE. Crest was $1 each and the $2 off 3 coupon makes the item .33¢ each.

Friday, April 4, 2014

Harris Teeter & Dollar Tree - April 1st

Harris Teeter: Multi-Grain Cheerios $3. If your buy 5 You get $5 off and this makes them $2. I had a .75¢ coupon that doubled and took $1.50 of each box leaving me with 10 boxes of cereal at .50¢ each. ***DOLLAR TREE: Efferdent and Reach Toothbrush for $1 Reach and $1 coupon made them FREE
$35 purchase went down to $5. That's a 70% saving

Friday, March 28, 2014

Super Double -Harris Teeter (March 28)

***Ragu = .20¢ ($4.98 for 5 - coupon for $4 off) ***Newton's fruit figs and cookies ($4.69 with bogo sale = $2.35 each - $1.50 coupon = .85¢) ***Snyder Sweet & Salty pretzels ($3.69 on sale for $3 - $2 off coupon = $1) ***Mitchum deodorant = FREE ***Benecol Butter = FREE, ***So Delicious Creamer = FREE, ***Mullers Greek Yogurt on sale for $1.33 - a coupon that takes $4 off 5 = .53¢ each. Suave lotion = Free. My total was $117 and I only paid $12. That's an 90% savings