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Sunday, May 25, 2014

Late night Run - May 25th

BiLo has Dixie plates $3.29 BOGO. My .55¢ coupon doubled and made them .65¢ each (I have 10 packs). Harris Teeter has Chicken Hot Dogs for .97¢ and my .55¢ coupon made them .42¢ each (I bought 20 packs). Magnum Ice Cream is $6.28 each but it's on sale for $3. My coupon took $3 off of 3 and I got 6. The store also takes off $5 if you buy $15 worth. I got 6 for $1.16 each. Quaker Granola bars are on sale for $2 and my $1 off coupon makes them $1 (I have 9). Barillo whole grain noodles are on sale $1.38 and my .55¢ coupon doubles to make them .28¢ each. My total was $126 and I paid $34 tonight.

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