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Thursday, February 25, 2010

She Was So Beautiful (in remembrance of Ninny)

"Y u won'cho hair like dat?", she asked me.

(it was 90 years after her first day)

Her vibrating eyes neared blindness.
Her hands shook as they reached.
Her ear canal was plugged with plastic machinery.
(...i guess it helped)

"I love my locs Ninny," I replied.

Her teeth were artificial.
Her skin was wrinkled.
Her body troubled her.

"How u s'pose 2 git a job lookin' like dat?", she questioned.

Her voice trembling.
Her memory fading.
Her hair thinning.

She was my Earth Angel.
She was so beautiful.
She was my heaven.

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Poem from "My Journal My Journey" - Take Me With You

I never had any opening lines or fancy catch phrases when I wanted to meet a woman. If I were to say something, I guess here's how it will go. Enjoy. Purchase the book here on my blog.

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Drinks and Dialogue

I was at my sons basketball game in Charlotte sending text messages to Timmy and other friends and family to see what the weather was looking like. The news was calling for snow and ice. I got the thumbs up that the snow wasn't a factor, got the family settled, and hit the highway. I was off to a late start and was on course to make it to the event arounf 9:30p. The event was to start arounf 8:30-9p. Timmy called a couple of times to check on me. I was nervous that thinks were looking too good as far as the turnout. I finally arrive and greet everyone and meet a few people I didn't know. We gathered and Timmy raised the 1st question. I decided the initiate and the rest was history. It was a joy to hear so many different views and opinions. More people came out and and more discussions ensued. The conversation was energetic and laughable and had passion. People at the bar joined in and more joined after midnight. Eventually we were coming up on the 4th hour and we had to bring the event to a close. Timmy and I smiled and each other and nodded in approval. We asked questions about life, love, men, women, cheating, one-night stands, and all the "why do's". The reviews were good and everyone had a great time. We knew that we could control and change the culture of Asheville's nightlife

Sunday, February 7, 2010

Lionel Richie "Hello"

I want to pay tribute to one of the most beautiful love ballets thar I've ever heard. The words are simple but means so much. The video did the song justice and is magnificent. It pains me to hear todays music singing about -she's stays on the tip of my tongue.LoL. This is that fall in love music, that appreciation music, true heartfelt music. I hope you are astonished by this song all over I I was when I first heard it years ago.

Monday, February 1, 2010

Book Review by Monique

This is a brief review on my book by a friend named Monique. Check her out at She has some amazing recipes and is an outstanding cook. I hope you guys enjoy the book review as much as I am and go check out Monique at her blog. Also you can see her at showing off her cooking skills. Much love Mo.Thanks forever