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Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Drinks and Dialogue

I was at my sons basketball game in Charlotte sending text messages to Timmy and other friends and family to see what the weather was looking like. The news was calling for snow and ice. I got the thumbs up that the snow wasn't a factor, got the family settled, and hit the highway. I was off to a late start and was on course to make it to the event arounf 9:30p. The event was to start arounf 8:30-9p. Timmy called a couple of times to check on me. I was nervous that thinks were looking too good as far as the turnout. I finally arrive and greet everyone and meet a few people I didn't know. We gathered and Timmy raised the 1st question. I decided the initiate and the rest was history. It was a joy to hear so many different views and opinions. More people came out and and more discussions ensued. The conversation was energetic and laughable and had passion. People at the bar joined in and more joined after midnight. Eventually we were coming up on the 4th hour and we had to bring the event to a close. Timmy and I smiled and each other and nodded in approval. We asked questions about life, love, men, women, cheating, one-night stands, and all the "why do's". The reviews were good and everyone had a great time. We knew that we could control and change the culture of Asheville's nightlife

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  1. Yes sir bruh it was a good nite. The buzz has been crazy and people are ready for the next one. A change in the Asheville nite life is coming.