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Tuesday, September 21, 2010

New Adventure

A week ago I decided to entertain the kid in me and buy a scooter. I found a guy on craigslist who bought it 3months ago. He was selling it for $500 or would trade a guitar. I negotiated and got him to trade the scooter for $300 and my guitar. I got the scooter home and took it on a spin the next day. I found it relaxing to be out on the streets alone.I get to clear my find and worries do not exists when I'm out and about. This may sound silly but it's true with me. I've always wanted a scooter or moped every since I was small and my dad had a small yellow one at his house. When I had my 1st job at 15yrs old I purchased a Tomas moped that I needed to pedal. My friends and I would ride from back and forth through West Asheville. Ahhhh the joy of the wind. I feel like a kid again.

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