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Saturday, August 28, 2010

New Tattoo

This is my new tattoo. The bird is symbolic of several things. It is a representation of freedom. Freedom from living stagnant. It's time to soar and release myself from being lazy and content. Easily I can sit back and say that I wrote 2 books of poetry and feel a sense of accomplishment. I feel like I still haven't scratched the surface of the iceberg. It's time for me to take flight so I can look back at all I've done...just like my tattoo.

The flight of this bird also is my depiction of the heavenly journey my 3 grandmothers took in 2001. The bird is looking back to show how they are still looking back at me and watching over everything they had to leave behind.

I appreciate this gift that Miya gave me. At 1st I wanted a typical and basic bird, but I realized that my journey has been and will be far from typical and basic . I ended up agreeing with Miya's idea and we matched my bird to the abstract bird image that he has tattoo'd on his neck. I do believe the matching my tattoo to his adds to the bond that I have with my brother.

Tonight I'm going to toast to a great tattoo from my brother, the memories and guidance or my beloved grandmothers, and my journey.

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