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Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Thoughts on Book Release Party

Wow. The energy was electric. People of all ages were there...from 21 - 50+. Whether they came to party, hear poetry, support the book. or support was a grand event. i would like to give a heart-felt "thanks" to all that showed up. The club was crowded, but it was never uncomfortable. After midnight I was brought on stage by Timmy and Miya. I wanted to honor and hold a moment of silence all of Asheville's fallen brothers and sisters. Almost everyone was silence and showed respect. There was the typical small group of outliers (selfish negroes) that continued to talk. Later that night folks in the crowd told me that they felt like punching the rude guests...heck I did too. I'm glad they recognized they positive spirit of the night. Lots of books were sold. " My Journal My Journey" was a HIT. I also sold out at the store it's being held at. Yayyyyy. We'll do it again soon. Have another celebration here in QC about the 3rd week in Feb. I hope to see everyone out. Love you all dearly.

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  1. DaDa I really enjoyed myself. People are still talking about the event. Matter of fact someone just emailed and said I didnt know Asheville had the much potential. We broke a barrier down bruh. Lets roll with it. The city is on out shoulders now.