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Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Tattoo for my Birthday

This past weekend I made a trip down to ATL to visit the City of Ink and my big brother Miya Bailey. I was going to get a new tattoo. I didn't know what I wanted but I knew something would come to me....and it did. On the right side of my chest I have a tattoo of Miya's eyes. I wanted to add to that. I decided to go with a dedication to my Grandmother Gladys and her sister, my Aunt Pauline. They are both no longer with us. Before my grandmother passed her lifelong friend said, "I thought I was a strong man until now." My grandmothers last words were, "You're still strong". During the last conversation that Miya and I had with my aunt she told us to "Live Life". At that time, I knew she put her life and her battle with cancer in God's hands. So with that, I decided to get "Still Strong & Live Life" on my chest to pay tribute to 2 of the greatest women to ever walk this earth. I only wish for a small portion of their strength.

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