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Thursday, April 1, 2010

To All:

I am holding a contest for Asheville kids 18 and under. The contest requires each contestant to handwrite a 1-2 page essay on how they would like to make a positive change in their community. I would like for the essay to mention your achievable goals and dreams and to also answer the following questions: 1) What would you do to make this change? 2) What would you need to succeed? and 3) Why is this change important to your community?
Basically, I’m looking to be touched by your essay. Kids, write what is in your heart. Parents, please encourage your kids. The winner(s) will be rewarded with a Mini Laptop Netbook

Entry Guidelines:

• Must be 18 or under & reside in Asheville, NC
• Essay must be 1-2 pages
• Essay must be handwritten (not typed)
• Submissions must be mailed & postmarked by April 19th
• Contestant can not be of any relation to Damion Bailey
• Contestant and parent must sign the essay
• Only one entry is allow
• Essay must include contestants name & age, parents name & contact information
• Mail essays to Damion Bailey: PO Box 16660 Charlotte, NC 28297-0660

1 comment:

  1. I love this!! Not only will I encourage my daughters' but I am going to print up a copy of your rules and send it in to their classrooms. Great idea!